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An inherently nuanced business, the foundation of a successful executive search firm includes specialization and credibility in the niche served. A regimented process is crucial to ensure client satisfaction. Following the precept that there is an "art and science" to executing a search for a key employee, Marquee Search's process centers on establishing a firm and comprehensive understanding of our client's needs. The "art" of the placement involves the deft touch of matching a candidate with the right personality to the corporate culture of our client. The "science" includes identifying the skills and core competencies needed for the position and clinically executing a laser-focused search for, and assessment of, potential candidates in order to deliver a short-list of the prospects most aligned with our clients' needs.

Key benefits of working with Marquee Search include:

  • Top talent you won't find by placing an ad

    With Marquee Search you will have the ability to tap into a hard to reach pool of candidates for critical job openings. The access we provide to high-performing candidates who often are not actively looking for a job ensures you won't waste your time with average performers.

  • Experience and network you can trust

    Working with a trusted industry insider with a track record of success, and an extensive network guarantees your needs are met to the highest standards of excellence.

  • Professional representation

    Top candidates need a compelling reason to leave their current job and having a trusted advocate to position your organization correctly is crucial. We work with blue-chip brands as an extension of their organization and professionally represent our clients in every communication.

  • Saving time and resources

    We save our clients valuable time and effort to find the right candidates for key positions quickly and effectively.

  • Confidentiality and integrity

    Propriety or a need for confidentiality can hinder in-house recruiting efforts. While recruiting as a proxy for our clients, we have broader latitude and face fewer impediments to reach the right candidates.

Marquee Search is made up of skilled search professionals who consult from cradle to grave on each recruitment, ultimately delivering the right candidate for the right job.


Marquee Search offers two search options, engaged and contingent models, depending on the specifics of the position and our client's preferences. This dictates how and when our fee is paid, as well as the service specifications delivered. In all cases, Marquee Search acts as an extension of our client in the recruitment process, and therefore all communications with potential candidates or sources are handled with the highest standards of professionalism.

Our unique methodology is governed by a consultative relationship with our clients. With hundreds of successful searches completed, we have developed appropriate strategies to deliver the best results. Collaboration with our clients is a pillar of our service, allowing us to listen, design and execute an effective search process to meet the unique needs of each client every time.

Please contact Marquee Search for details about our search options and to learn more about our services.

Marquee Search Pillars of Excellence:
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Experience you can count on
  • Credibility/Highly respected
  • Collaboration
  • "Inside-the-tent" status
  • Consistency
  • Confidentiality
  • First-class/premium service
  • Access to high-caliber, hard to find talent
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