Job Description

President/General Manager - Great Lakes Loons/Michigan Baseball Foundation Enterprises; Midland, MI


The Great Lakes Loons are a Single-A Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Founded in 2007, the club is a member of the 16-team Midwest League and won its first championship in 2016.

In 2006, a group of regional community leaders led by former Dow Chemical Company CEO William Stavropoulos, announced the formation of the Michigan Baseball Foundation to bring Minor League Baseball to the Great Lakes Bay Region. MBF acquired the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays, relocating the team to Midland where they played before a capacity crowd for their first home game on April 13, 2007.

Dow Diamond is home to the Great Lakes Loons. Constructed in just 367 days, DD is a 6,300-capacity state-of- the-art ballpark that was designed by HOK Sport (now Populous) and built by the Three Rivers Corporation, a well-respected commercial contractor. In addition to hosting 70 Loons home games every season, the stadium has hosted over 1,000 special events including two MWL All-Star Games, major concerts, corporate events, formal dinners, receptions and other customized functions.

One hallmark goal of the Loons is to keep the ballpark fun and exciting and relevant to the fans and community. At the conclusion of the 2017 season, the ballpark received its largest reinvestment since it opened with $3 million in improvements including the fifth-largest videoboard in the MiLB, two HD ribbon displays, the opening of the retro-theme "Glory Days" apparel store, and a remodel of the Lou E's Lookout playground area.

Position Summary

The President/GM will report directly to the CEO of MBF Enterprises (MBFE) and will develop and execute the strategy of the MBFE Board of Directors related to the Great Lakes Loons (Loons), Dow Diamond and ESPN 100.9 FM. In addition, the President/GM will work closely with the Michigan Baseball Foundation (MBF) Board of Directors.


Staff Leadership and Development:

  1. Provide leadership for the entire Loons organization by creating an organizational strategy to grow revenue and attendance through the following activities: 
    • Leadership that encourages others to lead by example
    • Creation of unique programs and ideas that make MBFE a challenging, exciting and fun place to work (e.g. Lunch and Learns during off-season for each department to understand how they fit into the Loons structure and what they need to help grow attendance and drive new revenue, steering committees working on projects to make Loons better, etc.) 
    • Overseeing/Participating in departmental strategies (led by department leaders) that support the organizational strategy objectives of driving revenue and increasing attendance
    • Updated organizational chart that is to be reviewed annually by the board to ensure proper alignment is being maintained
  2. Actively lead, manage and align all MBFE departments including: ticket sales, sponsorship sales, marketing and promotions, food and beverage, stadium operations, special events and finance. Ensure proper communication protocols are established and maintained with each department as well as across each department.
  3. Manage the MBFE office including: ensuring all necessary duties are being executed effectively and efficiently, handling personnel problems, scheduling of office hours, flexible time off, etc.   
  4. Hire all full-time staff.
  5. Actively work to develop staff members through the following activities:
    • Annual reviews that provide insights into job performance and employee development programs
    • Individualized coaching for direct reports
    • Developing 2-5 high potential candidates for succession planning. Each approved Hi Potential candidate will receive specialized training and/or additional opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the candidate and the Loons
    • Celebrating staff member successes
    • Assisting staff members improve in areas where they struggle.
    • For each manager that reports directly to the P/GM, create a specific management training plan which includes the areas to help improve and techniques to achieve success


  1. Lead the ticket sales efforts of the Loons. Activities to include:
    • Developing, maintaining and enhancing internal & external sales strategies
    • Developing, maintaining and enhancing training protocols (e.g. cross-selling, inbound/outbound efforts, reaching/penetrating each relevant zip codes, activity goals that support sales, etc.)
    • Ensuring sales meetings include all sales members as well as members from other departments that can contribute to the success of revenue generation (e.g. Marketing, Promotions, Special Events, F&B, etc.)
  2. Service select large ticket accounts, including suite clients.
  3. Participate in ticket sales calls to help achieve staff ticket goals and to maintain an active role with the ticket sales staff.
  4. Actively work to sell, service and execute Loons sponsorship packages. In particular, have an active participation with the Loons largest accounts. Activities to include:
    • Active sales strategy for each valued partner to ensure alignment
    • Maintaining multiple relationships and/or developing new relationships between each company and Loons executive staff (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Events, etc.)
  5. Actively work to sell ESPN 100.9 FM radio packages. Specifically, work to extend Loons partners into radio partnerships.

Fan Experience and Customer Experience:

  1. Promote and strengthen Loons brand values of fun, family entertainment, service excellence, and quality in all actions across the Great Lakes Bay Region.
  2. Be present at most games, select special events, and radio events, be active throughout the stadium as a host and problem­ solver.
  3. Lead all full time and part time employees in Loons customer service training.  Continually evaluate Loons customer service priorities and execution to seek areas of improvement. Develop in-season programs with part time staff to reinforce customer service priorities and reward outstanding service.
  4. Provide leadership for VP-Marketing and Communication on development of all Loons, Dow Diamond marketing efforts.
  5. In addition, work closely with VP-Baseball Operations and Game Day Experience on all aspects of game day entertainment.

Retail Operations:

Provide leadership on all aspects of Loon Loft. In particular, provide leadership on retail purchasing, labor, and promotions.

Food and Beverage:

Actively oversee operations of Food and Beverage (F&B) department. Maintain all aspects of a contract with provider of concession and F&B services.

Stadium Operations:

In conjunction with VP-Operations, oversee all aspects of stadium maintenance and improvements.

Special Events:

Provide leadership on all aspects of sales, marketing and execution of non-Loons events.

Baseball Operations:

  1. Maintain a positive relationship with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  2. Represent the Loons at all Midwest League meetings.


Review monthly financial statements to achieve business plan.

Media, Community and Public Relations:

  1. Develop and maintain positive relationships with all Loons and ESPN 100.9 FM stakeholders including public officials, business and community leaders.
  2. Be an active local and regional community leader. Participate in a variety of leadership opportunities through various organizations.
  3. Develop and maintain positive relationships with local and regional media. Promote Loons coverage at all opportunities. Act as primary spokesperson for franchise.
  4. Attend and represent the Loons and ESPN 100.9 FM at appropriate community events.
  5. Develop an internal & external Community Strategy (as part of the Organizational Strategy mentioned in the Staff Leadership and Development Section) that involves the entire Loons Staff


  1. Represent the Loons and ESPN 100.9 FM in a professional manner.
  2. Work in a tobacco free environment.
  3. Other duties and responsibilities as determined by the CEO of MBFE.


  1. Proven leadership skills and goal-oriented person that has:
    1. Led a start-up or turn around sports organization 
    2. Ability to teach, facilitate and motivate employees
    3. Experience building brand in multiple communities
    4. Ability to delegate and be an individual contributor (i.e. lead by example)
  2. Excellent communication skills that can reach:
    1. Core employees to ensure they stay motivated and aligned
    2. Sports fans and non-sports fans to ensure Loons stay top-of-mind
    3. Community members and leaders to ensure the Loons remain a pillar and steward in the Great Lakes Bay Region   
  3. Sales & Marketing background with ability to:
    1. Motivate, teach and lead sales, processes, reporting and inbound and outbound selling strategies
    2. Relevantly reach and resonate with different demographics for the Loons to be a welcoming choice for any type of hospitality entertainment in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  
  4. Strategic planner with ability to focus on:
    1. Near-term goals and how best to achieve  them
    2. Long-term planning to ensure future needs are being identified
  5. Financial acumen in developing and managing an operating budget.


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