About Us

Once upon a time, professional sports teams were primarily operated as a hobby of the wealthy, with few of the business fundamentals instituted to ensure success off the playing surface. Myriad factors including multiple recessions, propagation of more robust sports business education and training opportunities at leading academic institutions, and corporate ownership with less tolerance for losses, have created high-performing business operations requiring as talented professionals off the court as on. As the sports and entertainment industry has grown, the "old boys network" and nepotism that formerly existed has been replaced with rigorous requirements for marquee talent in positions up and down the organizational chart. That's where Marquee Search comes in.

Marquee Search is a specialized hiring solution delivering high quality mid to senior-level business professionals to sports and entertainment companies across North America and beyond, founded by sports and entertainment executive search veteran Jeff Yocom.

Marquee Search is not an online job board; organizations can post jobs themselves. We focus on building and partnering with our unique network to identify the most talented professionals in the industry for our clients; typically people who are progressing nicely in their careers, and who simply don't have the time or interest to proactively look for a new job or troll job boards.

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